BUoY Café







○ 本日のコーヒー ¥450

○ 読み上げるコーヒー ¥500





○ 自家製レモネード ¥500

○ 自家製ジンジャエール ¥500

○ ココア ¥600

○ クリームソーダ ¥600

○ ポットティー ¥600



○ ホットサンド ¥550

○ パウンドケーキ ¥400

○ 黒蜜きなこアイスクリーム ¥400

○ プリン ¥600

○ スペシャルケーキ ¥600







営業時間:木曜・金曜14時-19時 / 土曜・日曜・祝日13時-18時





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Open: Thursdays, Fridays 2pm-7pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 1pm-6pm


Closed: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, New Year’s holidays, Summer holidays

Address: 49-11, Senju-Nakacho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo[map]




Artist in Café


第一弾 「私の複数性」

得重聖治 2022.1.20-2.27



第二弾 愛波 MANA 「印-誠を語る魂の絵画-」 

栗原愛波(MANA) 2022.2.21-3.20







BUoY Café is ...

The BUoY Café: an Out-of-Focus Experiment

Apparently it’s bad to be out of focus. It’s cool to be focused on your future, but no one wants an out-of-focus photograph. Yet, in such an age, we at the BUoY Café will dare to experiment.

Usually, a café will have a particular recipe for preparing each kind of coffee bean. The staff will be given training to make sure that the coffee tastes the same, no matter who makes it. But we don’t do that here. At the BUoY Café, the baristas let their feelings dictate how they will prepare the coffee on any given day.

To be out of focus is to be imprecise. We live in a world where anything can be taken and reproduced better – but the moment you drink an out-of-focus coffee, you are suddenly returned to your own body and to your own sensations. There’s nothing better than that.

And don’t forget, there’s a theatre in the basement here. That means that all sorts of people are passing through the café: actors, playwrights, directors, architects, artists, chefs, writers, curators, entrepreneurs, composers… Many different perspectives are caught up in this whirlpool, so it’s hard to avoid collisions and easy to lose your way. You might think that you’ve finally reached your destination, only to wake up the next morning to realise that you were totally wrong. But that’s normal here.

We want this café to be a place where different skills and different societies continue to shake each other up. We don’t really have a destination or goal in mind. We simply believe that there are things we can invent and discover, when everything’s out of focus. In a world where not even the near future is certain, we hope there are people who will resonate with the subtle vibrations that are transmitted from the BUoY Café.