Björn Koop


I arrived to Japan in fall 2018. Soon after I started discovering local area and found some cafes that offered great environment to get a coffee and dive into the weekend mode. As I got always a receipt then I started sketching on them. Soon after I thought it would build up a nice story of my stay in Japan.

 When I studied Product Design in Estonian Academy of Arts, then we had this interesting subject Architectonics (arhitektoonika in estonian) that was always difficult to describe to the others that didn´t study it. It originetes back to the Bauhaus. While studying it I didn’t realize how admiring it is and years after it came back to me. I started drawing these abstract hence controlled lines and shapes in my free time and often I actually don’t understand what am I drawing and just keep going till I find something interesting or some sort of harmony between the lines and shapes. But there are also some drawings that I just felt I wanted to capture from daily life: Cafe interiors, cups, some bridges, street views. It has been like a time travel in Japan over last three years and I am very pleased that it all came to together and accumulated as an exhibition in BUOY Art Space. I am very glad that both Buoy Art Space and Estonian Embassy in Japan were interested and supporting the idea to make an exhibition here. 


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